Copyright Sylvan - 07 October 2013   


   With his roots set firmly into both Country and Rock ‘n’ Roll it is no  

   surprise to Daniel that he is being booked into a lot of Country   

   Music Clubs around the UK including those that also cater for line

   dancers.  In his show, you will  hear the evergreen songs such as  

   “A White sport coat”, “It’s four in the morning”, the great sounds

   of “Turn me Loose” and “Sunny in Seattle” and for the dancers,

   “Billy B Bad”, “Lovin’ all night”, “Past the point of rescue” to name  

   just a few.  His show has been described as “A breath of fresh air”,  

   “Refreshing”, “Dynamic” and“Brilliant”.  Westerners love him and call

   for more, line dancers  note that he is learning and playing the

   numbers they like to hear,  listeners sit back, relax and enjoy  

   the showmanship and country music fans love him.  Daniel is an

   artiste who puts the word “Show” back into showbusiness.

  Daniel Berry - Country Show


  Daniel’s Rock ‘n’ Roll show is as   

  one would expect, dynamic.


  From the moment he steps on  

  to the stage it lights up and his  

  personality shines through.  You  

  just cannot help being drawn

  into the magic that is:

            DANIEL BERRY.

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